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Citokinine S (Zeatin, Kinetin, Isopentenyladenine) - cytokinin like activity
Auxine - Auxin like activity
Gibberelline - Gibberellic like activity
Fulvic acids - Selection of compounds with regenerative activity
Selected Humic Acids
Glutamic acid

Additive that enhances the physiology of the plant

Specific for balanced formulas (20-20-20)

Increases the effectiveness of fertilizer

Physiological stimulation of all active structures of the plant (roots, leaves, flowers and fruits)


Technical data sheet

Security data sheet

Vegetal Nutrition


Ascophyllum Nodosum: high biostimulant activity.
Acidic formulation from mild hydrolysis. it preserves every bioactive compound.

Fulvic acids

Low molecular weight: biostimulant acitivity.
Acidic pH: blending with other compounds.


Originals or added in order to optimize the result.

Special vegetal extracts

Specific compounds made by innovative enzymatic extraction.

Humic acids

High molecular weight: chemical phisical activity to the soil.

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